Measuring Change in Irish Literature

University College Cork (Ireland)

Measuring Change in Irish Literature will use techniques from cultural analytics and natural language processing to pursue questions about the centrality of subject matters to Ireland’s literary canon, authorial language and individual style through time. The successful candidate will be expected to pursue PhD-quality research which tracks semantic and conceptual change in the Irish national literary canon over time; explore intragenerational and intergenerational similarities and differences in meaning and style; and expose the lasting influence of ‘ad hoc’ (external, historical) events on language production (war, religion, etc). The successful candidate will also be expected to undertake planned secondments on the broad topic of “finding stories in data” at the University of Dublin and VICESSE, the Vienna Centre for Societal Security.

Further information about the project, the position and how to apply is available here.

Further information can also be obtained by contacting the supervisor, Dr. James O’Sullivan (